"Dance for me is storytelling with a body. The connection between a dancer and the audience can only happen if we make ourselves speak without words, let our emotions run wild with our movements. Dance does not mean our faces are disconnected from our bodies. Our faces sing the melody while the body is playing the tune." ND

"My passion is to create entertainment in all forms, stage entertainment, ambient entertainment, film entertainment, word entertainment, and all must be created against expectations. Our lives are ruled by our expectations. They create unhappiness, rarely happiness. Entertainment has to be working against your expectations- the element of surprise is the essence of joy." ND

"LIFE IS FREE FLOW: Go along with life, everything that happens has a reason which we will find out much later and may be we will understand. Dreams are in close reach. Don’t give up because you think you know when it should happen. Keep believing and everything will come true" ND

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